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Zairo Agronomy Development India Pvt. Ltd.(ZAD INDIA) is India’s leader of branded domestic banana supplier, focused on both, the rapidly growing Indian domestic and global markets. ZAD INDIA has developed a core strength in managing quality control right from tissue plant, providing full traceability right down the to the individual farmer field level.

ZAD INDIA has instituted the assisted programmed, providing Grand-9 tissue culture plantlets to the Farmers ensuring significantly higher yield and heightened fruit quality. This programme builds consumer thrust through practicing globally accepted and FSSAI advised method of ripening banana using ethylene, naturally produced gas.

Process Flow Chart For Banana Cultivation
1. Plantation
2. Harvesting
3. Safety Measures
4. Sorting & Grading
5. Stickering
6. Ripening
7. Despach

Sustainable Banana Farming
ZAD INDIA offer the Services and consultation on advance farmingcovering areas like:-
1. The ZAD INDIA Assisted farming programme based on providing G-9 Tissue culture plantlets to farmer along with the best agri-inputs and agronomic practices.
2. The ZAD INDIA has also put in the place a team of agronomists, who will visit every field at least once every week, and provide advice on fertilizer and irrigation application, pest and disease control, and post harvest management.
3. A cloud based monitoring system in place where in all field are geo-tagged and progress is bench marked against the recommended protocol. Alerts are sent over SMS to the farmer for fertilizer and irrigation applications as well as specific measures to be taken for pest and disease control. Nutrient and Disease Management. Maintenance of minimum Residual Level.

Tissue Culture :
1. Tissue culture is a process of developing new tissues, aiding in the further propagation of new plants. We produce genetically identical plant progeny by doing micro propagation under sterile conditions. The process helps plant grow without diseases and enables farmers to have a better yield from crops.
2. We source 80% of our requirement of raw bananas from the four main banana growing districts of Bihar in Muzaffarpur, Vaisali, Samastipur, Begusarai, Gopalganj, West Champaran, Bhagalpur.
3. We want to procured approximately 15,000 MT raw bananas from a network of farmers and aggregators in Fiscal 2022. We use a combination of a dedicated procurement team of 48 employees along with a network of more than 172 aggregators, as of March 31, 2022. Our procurement team is responsible for monitoring the aforesaid districts for availability of raw material and maintain relationships with the farmers and aggregators to ensure that we have access to adequate quantities of raw bananas throughout the year.

Our production processes begin with the procurement of green bananas which undergo the following processes at our various ripening units:
Sorting and grading -
green bananas received at our units are washed and then sorted and graded into various grades based on size. The bananas quality tests ensure suitability or unsuitability of bananas for market sale. The bananas are then packed into plastic crates, stickered, and then put in ripening chambers.
Ripening -
the ripening process takes approximately four days following which the green bananas turn yellow in color as the starch is slowly converted into fruit sugars. The process is carried out under strict protocols of 95% relative humidity and 18-20 degrees Celsius temperature, and our ripening chambers are closely monitored for protocol adherence by using software alerts. Our processing infrastructure is designed in a manner to ensure efficient operations and high product quality standards.
Our Company's uses ethylene for the ripening process which is the only FSSAI approved and globally accepted method of ripening of Bananas.

Profitable Banana Farming Business; Know Cost & Profit Details
Banana Farming -

Banana Farming is gaining popularity day by day. Cultivation of bananas requires few simple steps but good management practices so as to earn a good profit out of it. There are many people, who would like to do the Banana Farming Business because, in recent times, it has become a common trend to have a farm either for the food crops, poultry & live stock. This is because of its highprofit yield.
By flowing basic guidelines you can earn a really big income through banana cultivation. Below are the tips that will guide you in Starting your own Banana Farm at any location.
Have Sufficient Money -
1. Money takes the lead in starting any kind of business in the whole wide world. It does not matter if you want to learn the business tips or start a business, you will definitely have to invest a certain amount to acquire the training or to start the business itself.
2. In the farming business, whether it is small-scale farming or large-scale farming, you must have a certain amount with yourself to tackle any kind of financial need, which may arrive at any point of time.
One should plan very well before starting a business, you can choose to start with a small & slowly and gradually advance it later when you made enough cash from the business.

Get Appropriate Farmland -
1. The banana plantation is one of the kinds of commercial agricultural farming, which requires an appropriate site facility under the tropical climatic conditions to give the best of its productivity.
2. For banana cultivation, if you are a farmer and you have sufficient land for banana cultivation then the ok otherwise you can take the land on lease, which is cheaper in rural or suburban areas, or you can or look for farmers, who can share the land with you. Keep in mind that the land should have the right kind of soil for banana cultivation.


ZAD India Pvt Ltd is India’s leader of branded domestic banana supplier